ACTing Up!

 My first show was Judgment Day Cabaret. I was a kitten, I was ambitious, and I wanted to make sure that I knew everything about Burlesque before I tried to put together an act. Felt it was important to differentiate between stripping as a job and strip teasing as an art. I wore a red lace dress over a black bra and thigh high boots.
 My second show, I was still not convinced I was prepared to put all my awesome on the stage alone in an act. Although my new growing family tried to let me know that they thought I was ready, I decided to stay on as a seasoned kitten. For this show I wore a purple and black corset and hot pants. Started out the night in 6' black heels, but anyone who has ever been a kitten will understand why I took them off immediately and finished out the show barefoot.
 A few members of the troupe decided it would be awesome and much needed fun to join in the University of Wyoming SLUT WALK. (For information about what a Slut Walk It was certainly a blast and the weather amazing!
 "Love Me, Love Me Not." was the first show that I did an act in. The "New Girl" act was more fun than I ever expected. My troupe helped me out with more than just support, by brainstorming with me the horrible things that could go wrong during an act (short of a pastie flying off)! Rehearsals were always a blast because I could just goof off, and I found things to add to my act while I was practicing. Everything from stuffing my bra, wig flying off, right down to my music skipping!
 "My Ballad of Dwight Fry" act was more dark and twist. I thought of it in about 20 minutes and presented it to the board the very same day and after only another hour of practice. Twitching, a straight jacket, and a knee covered in bruises the next day. This act scared some of the other girls who suffered from Pediophobia, as a result of the clear mask I used to disguise my face.
 Super Happy Funtime Burlesque came to Wyoming for the first time and I was a guest appearance! I updated my "New Girl" act and had a blast! Unfortunately I had already left Wyoming when they went back in 2013,
 so I could not be a part of it a second time.
Rock Steady Teddy and I did a "Burlesque Battle" to the song "Anything you can do, I can do better" at a Wyoming Festival. WhatFest was a BLAST! Camping aside, no makeup, but lotsa whipped cream! Rock Steady kicked my butt but ended up wearing all the whipped cream, finally just throwing me over his (very broad and muscular) shoulders and carrying me off stage kicking and screaming!

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