June 14, 2013

The Many Faces of Succubus Sally

What All Have I Done

I Started in Laramie Tropes Burlesque March 2011 as a kitten. My First act was "New Girl" in Love me Love me Not in Feb 2012. After consulting with the troupe about the most embarrassing things that could go wrong during an act, I put mine together! 

My 2nd act was Ballad of Dwight Fry which was my tribute to my man Alice Cooper. Lets just say Clear plastic mask, messy pigtails, twitching, and a straight jacket were involved! I was told "I didn't know if I should be creeped out or turned on, then I was creeped out that I was turned on." by an audience member. 

I then Performed with Rock Steady Teddy at WhatFest2012 in Wyoming. Which was a burlesque battle involving pie!

After All that jazz I just listed I took the opportunity and performed at Super Happy Funtime Burlesque in August of 2012... a newer version of my new girl act. And then performed at the Cowboy on 3rd Street during Jubilee Days in Laramie Wyoming!

I am looking forward to continuing my career much further!